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Expanded Adoptee Reunion Registries

Adoption Reunion Registries

Click on a link below and complete their registry, then return to this page (click 'Back' on your browser) After completing one registry, go to the next one. Complete all forms. Since there are so many on and offline registries, it is important that you signup on as many as you can, preferably all of them. Each one you complete makes your search shorter. If you know of any other registries that are not listed on this page please send me Email noting their address and I'll add it to this page.

  • Delaware Online Registry
  • AOL Registry
  • LINC Online Reunion Registry
  • International Soundex Reunion Registry
  • Reclaiming My Roots
  • Bits and Pieces Registry [GA, MA, NC, SC, VA, Washington DC
  • Wingy's Adoption Registry Page
  • Adoption Round Table Bulletin Board
  • Catholic Charities Guestbook
  • TRIAD Classifieds (send email)
  • DCC LifeCare Adoption Forum (Post an article)
  • People Finder
  • Renee's Place (send email with information)
  • The Massachusetts Registry
  • Virginia Adoption Registry
  • Reunions Registry Form
  • The Seeker Magazine
  • Birthquest
  • PBN - Adoption Post Entry Form
  • Dymentia's NY, NJ & PA Registry Form
  • Find Me
  • Adoption Reunion Registry
  • Missing Persons Data Base
  • The Missing Persons Cyber Center [goto the bottom to submit]
  • Adoption Puzzle Pieces
  • Adoptees & Birth Parents in Search
  • Instant Technologies, Ltd - Missing Persons Registry
  • BirthRoots - Reunion/Search Registry
  • Lesia's In-Search Bulletin Board

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