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Member Information Center

The Members Information Center is a subscription service of Ohio Adoptee Searches. It's purpose is to give adoptees, birth parents and siblings effected by adoption an inexpensive way to conduct a search using the resources of professional searchers.

As a member you'll have access to the *Ohio Birth Index and Supplemental Index. Static lookups of the "lost years" of 1969, 1971, 1972, 1974 and 1975 including supplemental lookups.

**Real time on-line chats with professional searchers where you can ask questions and receive answers and professional guidance in your search.

Telephone and email support where your questions will be answered and you'll be put on the proper course to search, thus eliminating non-productive additional steps. We'll guide you through the exact methods we use in our searches.

The cost of this service is $29.99 per month easily charged to your Credit Card, Checking Account or you can use our 900 number that is billed to your home phone.
The cost is less expensive than purchasing one birth index separately.

The Members Information Center should be on-line within the next few weeks, so check back often.


* Limited to three(3) searches per month.
** Chats held once per week, time to be announced.