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In Ohio, there are two birth certificate numbers for adoptees. The original is the one that is 'sealed' and will have the adoptees birth name and original certificate number. This number is issued in the series below 500,000. After an adoption takes place a number above 500000 is issued along with the adoptees new name. The certificates issued at county level will have only the County and Registrar's number.

Example: Pre-adoption- 83-134-123456 <> After adoption- 83-134-543987
This indicate the birth took place in Warren County (83)-, the Registrar's number is (134)- If there are not 6 more numbers following the registrars, then the certificate was issued at the county level. To get a complete number you will have to order a certificate from the State Health Department.

The options of Public & Confidential Registrations have been removed from the Registry. This was forced on us because amateur searchers were obtaining email addresses from the publicly posted registrations and spamming those who registered. Effective immediately all registrations are confidential!

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